"Seeking His Kingdom and His Righteousness" - Matthew 6:33

"Empowered for Life and Godliness" - II Peter 1:3


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1500 INR per month is spent for education, boarding and lodging for one precious child. You are most welcome to help one child learn and grow.


At risk children rescued and given a home. Children from broken homes, abused and neglected have a fair chance of healthy food and good education under the Aegis of Grace TV initiatives.

Das (name changed) came to the Orphanage at a tender age of 2 ½ Years. He has no family but was left at the Orphanage by a distant relative who was too poor to take care of Das. Bishop Mathew Meagher, his wife Sister Angel brought him up and today he is a young man educated and well groomed. Many children from very desperate backgrounds have been helped to enter main stream lifestyles through the passion and love put into their lives by the Hearts of Grace TV family.


KG to PG

Education for the Poor and Needy.Education is of uttermost importance if one has to think of development and improvement of the future of our children. Investment in the education of the children is a sure shot of developing a literate nation.

Shravan ‘s father killed himself as he had a bad liver and had no money to pay the doctor for his treatment. After his father’s suicide, Sharvan did not want to study, however he had a chance of meeting the Grace TV family and now is studying his X1 standard. In his own words, “I want to become a railway engineer” … this dream will God willingly come true through Grace TV.


Government Recognized English Medium Nursery to High School for Orphans and under privileged Children. Future plans for degree and PG colleges. Children that study at the Jesus Way International live joyfully, eating 3 healthy meals a day and studying in a loving and warm environment. There are a number of young men and women who have come out from the JWI school and are successfully doing jobs even in MNCs. Daniel (name changed to protect identity) studied till his SSC from the Jesus Way International, he did his B. tech in Mechanical engineering and started work at a fabrication factory, however he was not satisfied and has come back to his old school and now manages the administration of the whole school.


Sustainability and Empowerment

Junior college and Vocational Training Center. There are many young boys and girls whose parents are too old and they have to quickly take in the reins of family care. One such is Anasuiya, who now owns her own business and is a proud owner of her own boutique.


Entrepreneur Development Centers

Financial and Material assistance to widows, women and youth of marginalized societies Many destitute and widowed women have regained their self-esteem and live happy lives. Lakshmi had two kids when her husband died of a heart disease. She was still young, just 26 years old. Her in laws threw her out and blamed her for the death of her husband. Alone she suffered for many days till she was helped by the Grace TV family. Today she is remarried and has a beautiful son! In her own words, “Grace TV came to me as a bright shining light to fill my dark days. I cannot believe I have a new family now.” At the Entrepreneur centers women are taught budgeting skills, managerial skills and they also learn about banking and loans apart from business skills.


Disaster Relief & Medical Assistance

Distribution of Food and clothes for orphans, widows and destitute. Disaster relief is an important platform for sharing God’s love with the people who suddenly lose the comfort of loving homes and are broken apart due to nature’s fury or a sudden calamity like a house fire. Krishvani a widow lost her two kids when the wall of her house collapsed due to incessant rains. Unable to bare the pain she nearly killed herself. One day a volunteer brought her to the JWI where she started a new life. She works at the school as a dorm parent and now has many small children to take care about in the kindergarten section!


Proving medical treatment facilities for the poor and needy. Creating awareness for personal health and hygiene specially during adolescences, newly married, pregnant women and 50 plus health care. Maliah is a cowherd and due to old age and poor eye sight was not able to take care of himself. He had cataract removed by the Grace TV medical assistance and is now able to see very well. Ruby fought with her husband daily as he never allowed her to put her family photographs in the hall of her house because he kept telling her ‘this is my house!’ She felt sad and alienated and wanted to go back to her mother’s house. Ruby has a kind neighbor who works as a teacher at JWI. Ruby came for marriage counselling. Now she and her husband are both very happy and soon she is going to have a child too!


Rural Skill Development

Construct community center for rural training and development for youth women and men of marginalized sections of society. Rural youth are smart and hard working. They lack English speaking skills. The rural Skill Development center teaches spoken and written English skills to not only the youth but even children. These classes are regularly run by Sister Angel Meagher. She has nurtured many youth with life skills and English skills. Some have even got jobs at MNCs like Amazon dealing with irate customers.


Church Building

Church related work in terms of providing able minded pastors effectively trained and Spirit filled to handle a church as a part of the body of Christ. Building a Bible college to train the young men of God to serve as pastors is under way. Prabhu Das has had a vision to serve God as pastor from his very teens. He hails from a poor family and had to discontinue his studies. He however went from village to village preaching the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One day tired and spiritually weakened he sat under a tree, there he met a Christian brother who told him to visit a church where the pastor is full of help and Christian love and Prabhu Das Still remembers his first meeting with Bishop Mathew Meagher and his first cup of tea at the Meagher home. Today Prabhu Das has a diploma in theology from a local bible college and he pastors a local church under Bishop Mathew.


Sharing the love of Jesus Christ and His example

Taking the Mind set of Christ to the jailed inmates, giving them a hope and future based on Christian principles for daily living. Hunger drives many to thieving and stealing. Maya belongs to the Chenchu tribe and has been in the juvenile center for girls at Hyderabad. She has many times stolen chicken, money and even gold form her employees. She last came into the home after being accused of stealing a diamond ring from her employer. Grace TV visited the home for Christmas one year and met her. She enjoyed the Christmas carols and wanted to study as well. Soon she was allowed to go home to her maternal grandparents who found her out as she had been missing for 3 years now! Maya has been in touch with Grace TV and soon will join the kitchen team to cook for the many children studying in the school.


Preparing the women of God for their specific roles in church affairs, work and the home front. Mentoring and Counselling offered for marriage related issues. Prayer ministry is a awesome way of serving a living savior! At the Grace TV we have a power packed prayer tower of women of God who diligently not only pray for the requests that keep pouring in, but also for the entire Grace TV Crew! These women are called of God by God for God. Many prayers are answered and this edifies the ministry of Grace TV.


Preparing the youth with skill sets to preach the gospel to the ends of the world. Using Music and Sports as means and not the end to help build the youth as future pillars of the church. Sports and Music are the two main parts of a power filled ministry among the youth of our nation! We look at new ways of equipping the youth with music lessons, choir practices, music bands recognition and youth festivals with Sports and Music as the live wires of the youth camps. Many young people open their hearts to new beginnings and new lives for Jesus Christ. Many worship teams have been monetarily helped to start off by Grace TV.


Preparing the children through drama, music, puppetry, quiz trivia and games based on bible stories to ensure their walk under Church guidance as that they would grow up into spirit filled powerful men and women of God. Recently Grace TV is coming up with a new project of 66 Books of the Bible in cartoon form. This is a dream child of one of our partners, who wishes to proclaim the goodness of God, taking the Gospel of Jesus to the young hearts. These young hearts will grow up, mighty and Spirit filled ready for His Service as ministers for His Glory. This would be possible only because their childhood is bible based through Grace TV.


Interested Partners can write to contact@gracetv.co


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